Owning a Koshka Cat   


                                                Criteria & Conditions


At Koshka we have a maximum of two litters of kittens per year. Every baby is very special and availability is limited. When we do have kittens, we go to great lengths to match kittens with the family they are to live with. This means that it is often not a case of first come first in, but more a decision made on multiple factors that include, the type of family and the environment  the kitten is to go into. It is therefore, essentially a decision based on ensuring that there is a good lifelong "fit" between kitten, family and home.

Koshka kittens are house reared and, to ensure that they are well balanced and have learned all the essentials from their mother,  are not released to their new family until they are at least 12 weeks old.

All kittens are vet checked from birth, wormed regularly and fully vaccinated for the first year of their life.

                                                 SPAY / NEUTER PROGRAMME  



Allowing your pet or entire cat to breed  indiscriminately is a form of animal abuse. Unplanned kittens often end up being euthanased or homeless. Don't let this happen.


It is an absolute and unwavering law that all Koshka cats adopted into pet homes are spayed or neutered. There is never any exception to this law. A spayed/neutered pet is a happy, clean, healthy, family member that does not spray indoors, and is content to spend all its time with its family rather than cavorting around the neighbourhood looking for a mate.


Arrangements are made for spaying/neutering of kittens prior to them leaving for their new home. If a new owner prefers to use their own veterinary surgeon, it is a requirement that we have personal contact with the vet for verification that arrangements have been made for the procedure to be undertaken within the specified period stated in the ownership contract.



Nearly all Koshka cats are placed in pet homes.  If a breeder makes a request for a Koshka cat, certain criteria must be met before such a request is considered. For example, the application for a breeding cat must come from someone who:


is registered with a highly regarded Cat Federation/Registration body


has shown a neuter or entire cat for at least 1 year or :


has been seriously involved in some aspect of cat showing, cat governing bodies or shelter work involving cats for a reasonable  period of time


exhibits a solid understanding of cat care, basic genetics, cat anatomy, and a sound knowledge of issues pertaining to breeding, pregnancy and raising kittens


can demonstrate that the living environment for any pets and/or entire cats taken into their establishment, meet suitable standards in terms of providing living quarters that are clean,  have space for exercise and play, are comfortable in extremes of temperature, and, ESCAPE PROOF


is registered with their local council and has all the appropriate legislative  approval for breeding. This includes a certificate to state that the property has been inspected and meets all the standards set out in the Feline Control Act (Australia and any other country subject to such laws).



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