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                                          Collection of Personal Information

      Personal information collected by us in the form of personal email or online publication will only:

  •        be used for lawful purposes

  •        be collected with your consent

  •        be used for the purpose for which it was intended

                                                Use of information Collected

       If you e-mail us:

  •        we will record your e-mail address only if a reply or posting is requested

  •        we will only use your e-mail address for the purpose for which you provide it

  •        we will not add it to a mailing list or release it to a third party without your consent

  •        we will not publish it on the internet or other documents unless directed to do so

  •        we do not use cookies or other invasive tracking method

We will not disclose or provide your information to any organisation, private or otherwise, or collect information for commercial marketing.

                                       Information Logged

When visiting this website, a record of all visits is logged and information automatically recorded for statistical purposes. This information does not identify visitors personally nor do we track information about individuals and their visits. The visitor's browser supplies the following information.

  •       The user’s Internet domain name

  •       The type of browser used (e.g. Internet Explorer V6.0)

  •       The user’s operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac etc)

  •       The date and time of access to this site

  •       The initial & exit pages

                No attempt is made to identify users or to track browsing activity.  



The pages on this Site are intended strictly for personal use and are in no way to be used for any commercial, advertising or publishing enterprise.  

This site has not intended to infringe on the intellectual properties of any copyright holders. Considerable care has been undertaken wherever possible to reference and acknowledge ownership of graphical and intellectual property and to cite and/or out-link to the owners of any included or additional information referred to that may be of relevance to the page text. We welcome any feedback or comment pertaining to any information that may not be referenced.  Please address concerns, questions, and any notices regarding information we may have inadvertently missed,  to the site administrator for resolution at Email:

KoshkaCats title, logo and any photographs, graphics or diagrams specifically identified as Koshka property are subject to copyright.  All rights reserved. Such content on this Site may not be reproduced or further disseminated without the express consent of the site administrator (Glynne Milburn). Anyone wishing to use any KoshkaCats owned graphics or diagrams, is invited to email for permission

Take care to protect the rights of the owners of all intellectual and graphical property, click the banner above to learn more about not infringing these rights.


 Legal Disclaimers

Information KoshkaCats publishes on its Site may contain references or cross references to other sites of interest.  Such references do not imply that KoshkaCats has any commercial or other interest in those Sites.

KoshkaCats has not reviewed all of the content on the web sites linked to this Site for absolute accuracy and is not responsible for the control of, or content of any off-site pages or web sites linked to this Site.

While great care has been taken to research each topic and provide accurate and historically correct information, this Site may  contain  inaccuracies or typographical errors. Any such errors are inadvertent and not intended in any way to disseminate incorrect or misleading information.