Russian Blue Gallery




Koshka Litter 

(Koshka Silver Alexsandra 2nd from right)


Db Gd Ch Koshka Silver Alexsandra




 Koshka Silver Romenov (Rommie)

Click to read Rommie's story by his owner Jerry Hughes



Koshka Silver Alice

Koshka Silver Vladimir



Koshka Silver Alice

6 weeks

Being spoilt by her family who were visiting her



Koshka Silver Pushkin: 12 weeks



Nest of Russians

And an odd Rex by the fire

Litter Russian Black & Blue

8 weeks



Litter runt & brother (1 week)



Russians with orphaned Bengal


Obanya Russian Blue & Sengara Russian White



Koshka Silver Alexi

Koshka Silver Nikita

 Koshka Silver Sergei



  Koshka Silver Tashiana: The Opportunist



Obanya Silver Katasha

Koshka Silver Taya


Ben (son) and his beloved Katasha




Db Gd Ch Obanya Silver Katasha and 2 week old Kittens



Obanya Blue Michael

1989- 2002

"Micky" was our first Russian and the true "gentleman" of the house.


Koshka Russian Kittens

 10 weeks


Koshka Silver Tayeisa


Koshka Blue & Black Litter


Koshka Silver Boris

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